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“There are two sentences inscribed upon the Delphic oracle, hugely accommodated to the usage of man’s life: ‘know thyself,’ and ‘nothing too much,’ and upon these all other precepts depend.” – Plutarch

For over 21 years, Krista has been giving professional readings.  A poet & vivid dreamer since childhood, she is highly intuitive.  Krista is known for her deep insight, soothing presence & uncanny predictions.  She is part of a world wide lineage of women resurrecting the ancient oracle traditions.

Krista employs a Qabbalistic Tarot & Palmistry in her readings, along with shamanic work involving Animal Totems.

At 17, Krista began her metaphysical studies when her brother, David, was lost at sea during a kayaking program.  Searching for answers & healing, she met the Reiki Masters Virginia Samdahl (1 of the 22 original students of Hawayo Takato who spread Reiki to the West) & David Jarrell.  Krista received the first 2 degrees of the Usui style Reiki from them.

In 1983, while pursuing her B.A. in writing & music at NYU, she met the Venerable Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche, a well-loved Tibetan Buddhist Master & Abbot at KTD Monastery in Woodstock, NY.  Over the next 10 years, Krista studied with many Karma Kagyu Masters, learning through meditation, vajrayana practices & direct teachings.  She served as coordinator to one of the centers where she taught shamatha meditation.

In her early 30’s, Krista met the wise woman, Old Crow, who taught her through mask making, dreaming & animal totems.  She moved to Nova Scotia, Canada, where she studied & practiced a magical Celtic tradition.  While there, she met her husband, Michael, who introduced her to the Tarot.  Together, they developed a unique system for interpreting Tarot based on the Qabalah.  This system brings a greater accuracy to prediction, as well as a deeper understanding to life.

In 1997, Krista and Michael drove out to California for personal and professional reasons. Within a year, they helped establish the psychic reading program at the famous Bodhi Tree Bookstore. Until the store closed in 2011, Krista was not only a popular reader there, but also the manager of the psychic readers.

During her time in California, Krista continued her Eastern/Western studies. She has trained with Tai Chi Master, Tim O’Connor; and, she has served as Worthy Matron in the Order of the Eastern Star.

Krista’s clients come from all walks of life.  She has appeared on national television as an expert, hosted the popular Pagan radio show, “The Witching Hour”, & lectured for diverse audiences, including the Los Angeles Opera Company.  Krista is also a writer whose articles, book reviews, and poems have appeared in the Poughkeepsie Newspaper, Densal Magazine, Witches and Pagans Magazine, and the Free Venice Beachhead. Her first poetry chapbook, “The Lady Still Resides Here,” is now available on Amazon. She resides in Venice with her husband, Michael Wamback, and her four, wonderful birds.


“Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers.” – Alfred, Lord Tennyson

biopiccropMichael was born and raised in Nova Scotia, Canada – a land renowned for its Celtic traditions. The people of Irish and Scot descent are considered to be among the most versed in prophecy, owning to a strong connection to the natural world and to their remotely inhabited areas of the highlands being immune from the persecutions which plagued most of Europe through the middle ages. As a result, the Celtic race has embraced their seers and mystics back through the mists of time.

Michael was raised in the Scottish culture which surrounded him. He became fascinated with Celtic legend and folklore, embracing the great tradition of the bardic story tellers.

This path naturally progressed to an interest in paganism and earth religions, many of which delved into prediction and prophecy as a part of their teachings.

At age 35, following the suggestion of a friend, Michael began his study of Tarot. Described as a natural, he realized that he was able to combine his love of myth and philosophy with the deep wisdom of this magical deck of cards. He quickly became a much sought-after reader in his native Halifax.

Not long after embarking on this path, he met his current wife Krista. Seeking adventure and further understanding, they moved to Los Angeles in December of 1997.

Finding much of the current accepted method of interpreting Tarot Cards to be lacking, Michael and Krista embarked on a three year effort to develop a more complete and comprehensive system for interpreting these ancient images. Their system was based on the philosophy of Qabbalah, and soon was attracting much attention among their peers.

“Qabbalah is a doctrine of esoteric knowledge concerning God and the universe, asserted to have come down as a revelation to the Sages. Qabbalah includes the understanding of the spiritual spheres in creation, and the rules and ways by which God administers the existence of the universe.” (Author unknown)

Now more than fifteen years into the study of Tarot, Michael has gained an international following. From celebrities to spiritual seekers, his clients come from every walk of life.

Michael uses his readings not only to make remarkably accurate prediction, but also to transmit the deep life-lessons of Qabbalah. He believes that the path to happiness can only be found through truth and understanding. His readings are amazingly insightful and have the ability to be life changing. He combines compassion with straight-forward honesty to create intelligent readings that are profound experiences.

One of Michael’s greatest strengths as a reader is his command of time. Depending on the nature of the event, Michael has been able to time predictions with accuracy down to a specific day, or even to within minutes. He has even used Tarot to predict weather with amazing accuracy. Michael credits this to their use of a Qabbalistic system, which is objective and much more accurate than standard methods for working with Tarot.

In addition to his studies of Tarot and Qabbalah, Michael is involved in practicing a number of Western Esoteric Mystery Traditions, most notably Freemasonry. He was elected to serve as Master of his Masonic Lodge in 2005. He and Krista were also elected to lead their Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star.

Michael has appeared on radio and television internationally. He has lectured on Tarot and Freemasonry for various groups and organizations. A keen student of politics, Michael is currently working to form a group of talented individuals and analysts under the title of “Sixth Sense Society” to study ancient mysteries, unexplained phenomenon and other related topics. He and Krista are also working on their first book on Tarot.


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