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Synching with Carl Jung

In Sandra Shulman’s book, “The Nightmare, the World of Terrifying Dreams”, I came across Carl Jung’s earliest dream memory. At the age of 3 or 4, Jung dreamed of “entering a large, underground chamber of stone. Enthroned on a platform was a huge, upright object made of flesh, with a single eye at its head, gazing upwards. Although this fleshy pillar did not stir, the child was frozen with horror, sensing that at any moment it must creep from the golden throne towards him. Then he heard his mother’s voice somewhere outside and above, calling . . . That is the man-eater!” (pg. 106)Venice Street Art

Oddly enough, I also recall a vivid dream from when I was around 4 years old. Although it is somewhat different to Jung’s, it also contained a single eye, as well as felt like a mythic world. In my dream, I was sitting before our black and white TV, which was turned off. Suddenly, a single eye appeared on the black screen. Frightened, I decided to run outside. Immediately, I found myself running in a field of wheat, moving in the wind. The sun was bright; but still, I felt the eye following me wherever I went.

Years later, I discovered that my astrological birth chart contains the mythic struggle of Demeter and Pluto, a struggle that has in some ways, played out in my life. That dream reminds me of this myth.

It is fascinating to me now to discover a link to Carl Jung, particularly as I am delving deeper into synchronicity. To sync with him suggests I am following the right path for myself.

In my own experiences, I find that synchroncity plays out in two interconnected but distinct ways. According to Jung, synchronicity can reveal if a person is truly growing in the individuation process or about to break apart. I find it can also literally show one the best path to take. Here is just one example from my own life.

sunflowerWhen I was an active member of the Order of Eastern Star, I had a chance to move up the chain of leadership quickly. I was also going through some serious health issues. Although I knew I could handle the leadership role, I was concerned whether or not it was the right thing to do, considering my health. The year I was entertaining these thoughts, the emblem was the sunflower. One morning, I looked outside to find sunflowers appearing under a tree in front of our apartment. They had never grown there before; nor did they grow back later. It was then I knew it was the right decision for me to take on the leadership position. And so, I did. It turned out to be a wonderful experience for me.



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