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Today’s Moon Forecast

Moon in Gemini

crescent moon buttonGemini sign glyph symbol

Moon is traveling through witty Gemini today. Call, text, send email, write letters. Visit someone you've missed. Watch a movie and talk about it at a coffee shop. Be out and about. Don't sleep in.

Mystic Raven is the home of Krista Schwimmer and Michael Wamback, professional readers currently making their home in Venice Beach, California.

Krista and Michael started Mystic Raven in 1996 at Halifax, Nova Scotia.  At the time, they recognized a need for quality professional psychic readings.  Emphasizing ethics along with dedication to developing the highest level of accuracy, they quickly built a strong local following.

In 1997, Krista and Michael relocated to Venice Beach, California.  Soon after the move, they became involved in a partnership with the famous Bodhi Tree Bookstore to provide Tarot and Palmistry readings for their clients.  At the Bodhi Tree, their fame spread and they counted among their clients many celebrities, as well as spiritual seekers from all walks of life.

In 2010, Krista and Michael began performing readings at the Mystic Journey Bookstore, located near their home in Venice.  The thriving area of Abbot Kinney Blvd. is home to a great number of creative and artistic individuals, and the Mystic Journey is a wonderful doorway to allow spiritual seekers a refuge from the bustle of daily LA life.

While continuing to perform readings for their many clients and friends, Krista and Michael are currently working on their first book on Tarot, as well as a course for instruction.  They are also very involved in launching a number of creative projects in television and feature film.

Krista and Michael continue to reside in Venice Beach with their friendly crow Lily.  They look forward to meeting as many tarot and divination enthusiasts and to continuing to advance the knowledge of Tarot, Palmistry and other tools of spiritual insight and understanding.